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Bavaria 0.0% Mango Passion

Certified Halal

CAD $28.00 / case of 24

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Bavaria 0.0% Mango Passion Malt is a non-alcoholic malt drink with an exciting and sweet tropical taste. The natural blend of mango and passion fruit flavours serve the perfect combination for this intense fruity malt drink.

Pairs With:

Deep-fried snacks (such as Calamari (squid rings in beer batter)), new cheeses, Asian dishes, barbecues and spicy meat dishes.

Alergens: Contains Gluten (barley malt)
Unit: 330 ml bottle
Calories: 99 per 330mL
Alc./Vol: 0.00%
Fat: 0g
Origin: The Netherlands
Case Size: 24x330 ml bottles
Litres / Case: 7.92
Cost / Litre: $3.78

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Weight 13.2 kg
Dimensions 36 x 24 x 23 cm


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