Savor the true taste of beer without the alcohol.


Recover nutrients, vitamins and minerals after your exercise routine.


Celebrate the benefits of healthy drinks anytime.

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icon100% Health Benefits

Why should you miss out on having a drink? Drinks from Non Alcoholic Beverages let you enjoy the delicious taste of wine, beer, cider and cocktails – without the damaging effects of alcohol.

iconUltimate Selections

Non Alcoholic Beverages drinks are sourced from far and wide! Taste matters! So we serve you only quality drinks with good taste. We are on the hunt to bring you the best non-alcoholic drinks from Europe, the Mediterranean, North and South America and our home region of Australia and New Zealand, of course!

iconExcellent Alternative Beverages

Mineral water, fizzy drinks, fruit juices, teas or coffees are often the only alternatives available—even to pair with celebratory gourmet meals – but THEY JUST DON’T CUT IT!!!

What People Say

“I was first introduced to non-alcoholic beer for health reasons.
I was searching for an alternative life style choice and found limited selection in your more
traditional outlets. When I found, I was immediately introduced to the world of
different styles of Non-Alcoholic Beer.
The ease of use of the website gave me options to try that I couldn’t find elsewhere. Looking
forward to their growing portfolio of products!”

“As a beer enthusiast for most of my adult life I was initially skeptical about non-alcoholic beer.

However, when my wife became pregnant and I wanted to ensure that I was as much a part of the experience and we both began to discover the virtues of non alc beer together.

I found that many of the non-alcoholic beers that I sampled quenched my thirst just like regular beer and provided me with a great alternative to sugary pops and juices, making the experience both healthier and more enjoyable.”

“As a Health and Wellness Coach in the Fitness Industry, (Certified by Canfitpro), I highly recommend Non-Alcoholic Beer as a healthy alternative to Alcoholic Beverages. I also recommend it over sugar-laden sports drinks, juices and soda pop!! In fact, in Germany, it is a tradition.
Germans drink three times as much non-alcoholic beer than energy drinks. Athletes are greeted with 1L steins of nonalcoholic beer after competitions to promote their good health with antioxidants and immune-boosting polyphenols in the beer.
It tastes good, and it’s good for the body. Alcohol-free wheat beer is isotonic, and isotonic drinks help athletes recover quickly.
So go ahead and enjoy that Non-Alcoholic Beer!”

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