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Bavaria Wheat 0.0%

100% Beer - 0.0% Alcohol

CAD $35.00 / case of 24

Brewed in the Belgian-style of wheat beers with pure mineral water, naturally cloudy with a refreshing mixture of fruity and spicy tones on the nose and pallet.

Pairs With:

Appetizers, Asian dishes such as dim-sum, refreshing summer salads.

Alergens: Contains Gluten (barley malt)
Unit: 330 ml can
IBU: 8
Calories: 25 per 100mL
Alc./Vol: 0.00%
Fat: 0g
Origin: The Netherlands
Case Size: 24x330 ml cans
Litres / Case: 7.92
Cost / Litre: $4.03

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Weight 8.4 kg
Dimensions 40 x 26 x 12 cm


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